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About Our Blinds

Create Comfortable Interiors With Our Honeycomb Blinds

These blinds stand out with their unique profiles and make the most beneficial treatment for every place. They feature cell-like pockets which are similar to a honeycomb, hence the name. The foremost advantage of using these blinds is that they will effectively insulate your place.

Moreover, their sleek and classy designs complement every window type and decor theme. You can add these blinds to both homes and offices and their energy efficiency will effectively help lessen energy expenses. Curtains Blinds provide these classy and heavy-duty blinds at affordable rates in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Honeycomb Blinds for Interiors

What Benefits Do Our Cellular Blinds Offer?

Our blinds with honeycomb structure are the most cost-effective and low-maintenance window treatment and adding them will make your interiors ideally comfortable in no time.

Greater Insulation 

These cellular blinds are designed to trap heat indoors and block cold outside air, therefore efficiently minimizing the need for HVAC systems.

Improved Privacy

With these blinds, you can ensure maximum privacy and security for your room, without sacrificing the entrance of natural light.

Minimized Noise 

These thick blinds also reduce external noises and prevent the transfer of indoor sounds as well, for maximum comfort and mental peace.

Material & Measurement Details Of Our Honeycomb Blinds 

They have a high-quality fabricated structure and are versatile enough to be used next to every type of window. As for materials, honeycombs are made of a blend of spun lace and polyester and have a heat-reflecting back. Their R-ratings range from 3.5 to 3.7.


Available Sizes

24 x 36 inches, 23 x 35 inches, 22 x 34 inches, 35 x 59 inches.


Color Options

You can get these blinds in both neutral and bold prints.

Honeycomb Thermal Blinds For Living Room

Latest Honeycomb Window Blinds Design

Honeycomb Blinds For Windows

Premium-grade Services

Get Fast & Flawless Cellular Blinds Installations From Us

To make the new window treatment experience maximally convenient and satisfactory for you, we provide complete fitting and styling services for honeycomb blinds. Our serving is highly pocket-friendly and you can get every type of window, skylight, and sliding door treated by us. It’s high time you beautify your homes, give us a call!


Measurements And Sampling

Quick window measuring and doorstep shade material sampling services available.

Repair And Replacements

Rapid and affordable fixes and replacements for broken cellular blinds.

Color Options For Honeycomb Blinds At Our Store

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Why Choose Us?

Curtains Blinds is the top-notch dealer of honeycomb blinds in Dubai. Our low-maintenance, energy-efficient, and durable window blinds will instantly make your places bright, cozy, warm, and inviting. Other than residential windows, they also work best for commercial settings and can help with the enhancement of energy efficiency. Shop now for 20% off!

Pink Honeycomb blinds For Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these blinds are very effective at keeping summer heat away from interiors for maximum comfort. This way, they protect furniture and other objects from sun damage and also improve the working of air conditioners. In the same way, they can be used for retaining internal warmth.

The main steps of installing these blinds include measuring the window(s), marking points for bracket placement, securing the brackets through nails or screws, snapping the blind’s headrail into the brackets, and lastly hanging the blinds. But it’s best to have these shades installed by experts.

The honeycomb-shaped cells or pockets of these blinds tend to block airflow through a window/ skylight. They retain internal heat and prevent cold air from entering. This also works in terms of blocking external heat from entering rooms, making these blinds a really wise investment.

Yes, these shades are great at protecting privacy and blocking viewing from outside of the home. Their thick and opaque fabrication effectively stops the transfer of light, hence making it difficult to see inside a room. You can get both light-blocking and filtering options as per your needs.

Yes, these blinds can be steam cleaned through portable hot steamers. This method ensures deep cleaning of the blinds and you don’t even need professional services in this regard. Other than this, these blinds can be maintained with dusting, vacuuming, or even with a hair dryer.

Energy-Efficient Honeycomb Blinds