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Curtains Blinds presents you with a marvelous and high-performance option for the sumptuous styling of your windows. Our blinds are manufactured using natural and synthetic material blends, creating adjustable louvers that are controlled by wands or cords. These rustic slat coverings are a great option for the utmost light control and privacy management.

Additionally, selecting wooden material can add excellent warmth and insulation to your rooms. Every material option offers a wide range of colors, finishes, textures, sizes, thicknesses, and slat shape options.

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Discover Material Options for Custom Venetian Blinds

As the best Venetian blinds suppliers, we provide you with multiple material options to select for personalization. Our material range is as follows:

Metal & Aluminium

Choose highly-robust and rust-resistant options for moisture-prone areas.

Bamboo & Faux Wood

Add rustic charm by selecting the desired finish, texture, and wood shade.

PVC & Vinyl

Also, our PVC and vinyl slats are excellent choices for kitchens & bathrooms.

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Book our experts today for the window treatment fitting job at your residential and commercial interiors. Our passionate team visits your locations for precise window inspections, ensuring excellence and accuracy at every point. Considering the inside-outside mount, they’ll fit perfectly on your windows.

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Our exact measurements ensure flawless work.


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We use advanced tools to fix any kind of damaged slat.

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Curtains Blinds is a top-notch shop that sells functional and durable window coverings for every interior setting. To redefine the style and practicality of your residential & commercial spaces, we offer uniquely designed window shades in your choice of designs and materials.

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We provide you with plenty of samples to pick a desired one.

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We aim to provide the item transport treatment on time.


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We have been supplying highly durable window covers in overall of Dubai overall with great discounts. You can request a consultation for the selection of custom materials, book an appointment for installation work, and ask us for post-styling and blinds maintenance tips. Book us now to transform your interiors with elegance!

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Asked Questions

To choose the best options for these traditional coverings, go for aluminum, wood, and faux wood. They are an excellent pick for any space because of their incredible privacy, light control, and shading facility.

The materials used in crafting these traditional shades are metal, aluminum, plastic, and wood. Additionally, you can choose PVC, acrylic, and bamboo wood for these sophisticated horizontal slat-oriented coverings.

Yes! This classic option comes with adjustable louvers that can be set to any desired position for complete control over light. Using wands and cords at one side, you can adjust their slats at a specific angle according to your requirements.

To get this traditional window treatment, Curtains Blinds is a trustworthy seller in the UAE Market. We stock multiple options for window covers, allowing you to purchase your desired style at highly affordable prices.

To keep them fresh and pristine, regularly dust off the dirt and dust. For a hygienic environment, you can deep clean them and piled-up dirt can be wiped off using a soapy solution from mild detergent and warm water.

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