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About Our Duplex-Styled Blinds

We Provide The Most Versatile Duplex Window Blinds

Duplex Blinds Dubai by Curtains Blinds is an exceptionally beautiful and cost-effective choice for window treatments. These innovative shades offer the most unique light divergence and controlling ways and can instantly beautify any interior.

They feature double (a sheer and an opaque one) fabric layers for effectively providing privacy and light filtering at the same time. At our shop, you can find these blinds in a number of classy options to spruce up any interior of your choice. Moreover, the pricing of these heavy-duty shades is highly economical too.

Top Benefits Of Our Adjustable Duplex Blinds

These blinds are an excellent option for both residential and commercial interiors and they offer the most efficient light and privacy management.

Maximum Security

With these blinds, you can maximize the privacy and safety of your buildings and can have security along with pleasant room brightness.

Easy Adjustments

These blinds are very simple to deal with and can be adjusted in multiple ways to get desired light blocking, or filtering.

Convenient Upkeep

The fabrics of these shades are completely stain, moisture, impact and UV resistant, making the cleaning effortless, quick, and minimally required.

About Curtains Blinds

Get Custom Duplex Blinds For Extra Benefits

In addition to ready-made duplex window shades, we also offer custom versions that are designed right according to your window and area requirements and of course, your taste. This helps a lot with the treatment of odd-shaped or non-uniform windows, skylights and sliding doors.

Material Options

Premium-grade Aluminum, PVC, and Wood.

Size Choices

800 mm – 250 mm Width, 800 mm to 3,100 mm Height.

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Complete Servicing Available

We Provide All Services For Duplex Window Treatments

With us, you can enjoy upgrading your window looks and home decor in fast and effortless ways. We provide flawless and rapid installation services for duplex shades to help you benefit from all their features and beauty. Our treatments are both affordable and cost-effective and will make your homes energy-efficient.

Repairing Of Duplex Window Shades

Efficient and seamless fixing of broken, damaged or worn-out blinds

Detailed Maintenance Of Duplex Coverings

Professional deep cleanups, stain removal, hardware addressing, and design refreshing.

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Why Choose Us?

Curtains Blinds is the best specialist in duplex blinds in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and it offers the finest varieties at affordable rates. Our double window blinds will be an ideal addition to your homes and offices, providing you with extreme comfort, satisfactory seclusion and ease of maintenance. Request free quotes today!

Asked Questions

A duplex or Zebra Blind is a modern window blind featuring double layers for simultaneous light filtering and privacy protection. One strip of this blind is made from a stiff material (aluminium, wood or PVC) and the other one is fabricated (sheer or opaque) for dual functionality.

Yes, our Duplex shades have a warranty which covers manufacturing defects and breakage. However, this warranty does not cover the damage caused by rough usage or other wear and tear. You can get detailed information about your chosen blinds from us before purchasing.

Yes, these blinds can be installed on bay windows and are a great choice to make the most out of such odd-shaped windows. With the easy opening and closing of these blinds, it becomes easy to control the amount of light entering a room, that too, without any compromise over privacy.

Of course, a window can be covered with two blinds and such an idea will provide a number of advantages like extra coverage, easy light blockage, effective noise reduction and improved energy efficiency. Roller blinds are mostly considered for this approach, also called doubling up.

Our double window blinds are a way more smart choice than regular shades because they offer light and privacy management at the same time. Also, you can enjoy both light blockage and filtering with them and can reduce your energy expenses through easy temperature regulation.

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